HERBERT KUNSTADT ASSOCIATES P.C. is a consulting engineering firm established in 1975 specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Sanitary, Building Transportation, Materials Handling, Cogeneration and Energy Management Services.

For thirty-three years, Herbert Kunstadt Associates P.C. has provided Mechanical and Electrical engineering services for numerous projects planned and designed by prominent architects and planning consultants. We have a successful history of close collaboration with major architectural firms, governmental and private institutions, developers and building owners, and the joint team efforts have resulted in timely and effective execution of projects.

We have more than four thousand projects completed or underway, mainly in the range of $500,000 to fifty million dollars. However, we have completed several projects with construction costs exceeding 300 million dollars. We emphasize the use of the same team of highly trained engineers working on a project from start to finish. All work is done under the direction of a Principal, who assumes complete responsibility for the job from its inception to its completion, and is deeply involved in the project.

Herbert Kunstadt Associates P.C. can point with pride to its many repeat clients who include some of the nation's leading architects, institutions and corporations.

Our practice has been built on the foundations of high quality engineering design, technical excellence and service to our clients.